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All of my beads are handmade at the torch using traditional lampworking techniques. Once the glass is melted in about a 2000° flame and the bead is formed on a mandrel, it is annealed in a kiln for strength and wearability. Each piece is a unique work of art unto itself, sometimes combined with natural materials such as sterling silver, copper, gemstones, pearls, crystals, and shell.


Shop Fun and Functional

Whether it's a doggy portrait or a fishy winestopper, glass can be functional and fun.

Enjoy browsing and shopping below!

JEWELRY - also known as "pretty shiny things"

Inspired by the earth's bounty and the sea...

Red Berry Necklace

175 lampworked beads are strung on a matching red cord tied in Chinese snake knots, and finished with a sterling silver hook and eye clasp.  Pricing upon request.

Sea Blues Necklace

Like its sister necklace above, about 180 lampworked beads are strung on a matching blue cord tied in Chinese snake knots, and finished with a sterling silver hook and eye clasp.  Pricing upon request.


Fossil Earrings 

Imagine wearing a brand-new-formed-in-fire bead with a fossil dangle that could be hundreds of thousands of years old.  Mind boggling!

The fossils were found by a Rochester physician while on an archeological dig.

Think Summer days and nights...

Fishy Fishy

This off the wall (or hook) necklace celebrates summer with its colorful fish, coin pearls and shells - an instant mood lifter!


Jelly Hoops


Jelly bean color loops hung from sterling silver hoops!  Go crazy and double a pair for more loopy fun.  Sterling silver hoop earrings.



Beautiful Butterfly Earrings 


Lampworked beads reminiscent of a monarch butterfly and sterling silver wings make up these unusual earrings.




23 handmade lampworked beads in a fresh combination of blue and pale, pale green strung on memory wire to fit everyone perfectly.


Dot Bracelet 



Funky leather bands sport dot beads in a variety of colors reminiscent of the dotted swiss our mothers used to dress us in!    The bracelet features a long barrel bead on a leather cord fastened with a stainless steel magnetic clasp.  

Matching (sort of) earrings.



Think anytime...


Pod Necklace

Beautiful mouthblown pods suspended from a coordinated lariat style chain. These unique pieces are available in mossy green/blue or milky white.



Moonlight and Silver Necklace

Like the moon, it's difficult to photograph these moonstruck beads.  Large mouthblown hollows are strung on a delicate sterling silver paperclip chain.


Amethyst Necklace 

This hand crafted focal bead is flanked by beautiful amethyst chips and beads for a one of a kind statement piece.


Paperclip Necklace 

This necklace features a fine sterling silver paper clip chain, showing off three mouthblown hollow beads.  Simple but elegant.


Blue  Denim Lariat Necklace 

Silver infused beads reminiscent of denim, on a 24" sterling silver chain


Druzy Triangle Bracelet

Silvery beads separated by small moonstones surround a druzy triangle, which is mirrored by a sterling silver toggle closure.


Cobalt Bracelet 

Cobalt blue beads wrapped with fine silver and finished with a magnetic sterling silver clasp, 8" in length


Lotus earrings 

A silvered black bead drops from a sterling silver lotus flower in this lovely pair of earrings.


Silvered Glass earrings 

Coordinating colored beads are wrapped with sterling silver - perfect to dress up or down!

original (1).jfif


Birdie earrings 

Tiny birds sit atop a color coordinating "nest" on sterling silver wires

Please ask about color choices - Like a flock of birds, the combinations are endless!


Kidney Drop earrings 

Swirls of fine silver wrap flameworked beads in a variety of colors. The sterling silver kidney wires hook at the bottom for added security.

FUN - the unexpected whimsy of glass jewelry...




Face Your Fears Flipflop Necklace 



One of my great fears is stepping into a pair of shoes and finding that a critter has moved in.  If you're like me, these beachy necklaces are for you.  Both are strung with unpolished agate just like the pebbles you find on the beach.  One is finished with moonstones and the other with shell beads.  If you look closely, you may find a frog, spider or mouse sharing a shoe!


Kissable Frog Pendant 

An impish frog is clinging to a flameworked heart, gazing into its wearer's eyes and hoping for a kiss.  This necklace is available in a variety of colors and frog-itudes!

and Functional...


Fun Fan Pull 

Replace your boring pulls for ceiling fans or lights with something fun and funky. This pull features a vibrant red mouthblown bead accented by a sweet coordinating bead


Fun Fan Pull  

A different look for fan pulls, these large beads are black with a silvered stringer pattern.

Hostess gifts...when you need to take just a little something...



Hearts and Flowers Cheese Servers 

Sweet hearts and flowers encircle the flameworked bead handles of these cheese servers.


Dots Cheese Servers 

Funky dots and transparent glass give these cheese servers a more contemporary look... reminiscent of swiss cheese, but really….any kind of cheese will do!




Beaded Spreaders 

When you need something special to serve that Buffalo chicken wing or artichoke dip, these spreaders fit the bill (as in Buffalo Bills as in Go Bills!!)

They are available in multiple color combinations, and can be customized for most NFL teams.


Wedding (or any occasion)
Cake Server 

For that special cake....or special event


Heart Winestopper  

A pretty blue heart sits atop coordinating beads for a truly unique winestopper


Old School Bookmarks 

It's true!  People still read books.  These bookmarks are just the right touch to accompany the gift of a book.  Each one has a one of a kind lampworked bead and a charm to further personalize your gift.


Tea Infusers 

A special gift for a tea loving friend!  The handmade bead and charm makes this a very personal gift, and the basket is filled with mulling spices perfect for the cold weather.


Pocket Frog 

Pocket frogs are the perfect gift for your singing friends or choir members.  It is said that if you slip one in your pocket, your voice will be crystal clear.

Each handmade frog sits on a lampworked bead and comes with a velvet pouch, ready to slip in a pocket!

...and there's always a need for an ornament or two
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